Rick Ruiten

Technical Game Designer

Gameplay Programmer

Rick Ruiten

Technical Game Designer

Gameplay Programmer

About Me

Hey there! I'm Rick and I'd like to introduce myself shortly.

I'm a Technical Game Designer with a background as Game Programmer. 

I've always been a natural problem solver, and I love tackling challenges in my work.

  • Age 26
  • Residence The Netherlands
  • Job Offers Always Open
  • Address Leiden, The Netherlands
  • Work Location Hybrid / Flexible
Problem Solver

Logic way of thinking. 

Outside of the box.

Great Pattern recognition. 

Unreal Engine & Unity (C#)

Most recent experience with UE5 and blueprinting. Not much C++, but I know my way around with C# in Unity.


Besides Technical Game Design

I've worked on 

- Animation Flow in gameplay

- User Experience & QA

- Combat & Enemy Design

- Audio Implementation


Being a supportive and cooperative team player, fostering a positive work environment, and striving to improve the overall quality of the game through my contributions and willingness to assist others.


I enjoy communicating with others about problems and their solutions. I respect someone else if we disagree and I'm not afraid to express myself to others.

Eager to Learn

Not afraid to learn a new tool and love to figure out how other games have succeeded and what elements we can use tweak to create a better player experience.

Love a good Laugh

During and after work I enjoy bringing some laughter to everyone. A happy mind is a healthy mind. 

User Experience & QA

Assure that players are not questioning the usage of the mechanics. I usually get the results by deep QA testing.


10+ years in Hospitality
1000+ Games Steam Library
Software Engineer Traineeship
Creative Mind
Feb '22 - ...
Technical Game Designer & QA
Infinity Interactive

Design, Create, Prototype and Test creative VR games. 

Jun '21 - Jan '22
Game Developer and All-Round Event Manager

Create, revamp and organize city-based company outings.

Additionally, work as game host in front of big groups.

Apr '18 - ....
Bar Manager at Events
Verwiel & Wijngaard

Festivals, Business Events, Company Parties, and big events as Vrienden van Amstel Live / KLM Open

Feb '18 - Jul '18
Internship Game Programmer
Pillow's Willow VR Studios

Porting a released game to foreign VR headsets, prototyping gameplay.

Sep '15 - Feb '20
Game Programmer
University of Arts Utrecht (HKU)

​Bachelor of Science - ​Creative Media and Game Technologies / International Game Architecture and Design (​CROHO-code 30036)

Nov '20 - Nov '20
Software Engineering Traineeship

Discontinued because they didn't have clients that met my expertises.

Apr '19
Imagine EYE Film Festival

Attended with our student game 'The Seminary of Sight'

Mar' 19
Visitor to GDC
San Francisco

Private reasons, but were able to show our game 'The Seminary of Sights'

Dec '17 - Feb '19
Disillusion Studios
Student Company (14+ students)

Registered as company with the intention of releasing our game 'The Seminary of Sight'

  • Blueprinting
  • C#
  • Dutch
  • English
  • German
  • Programming C#
  • Unreal Engine + Unity
  • Virtual Reality
  • Problem Solver
  • Combat- & Enemy Design
  • User Expierence & QA
  • Team Player
  • Mathematics

Interested? Or just curious...

Get in touch if
- you need someone like me in your current team.
- you want to work on a collaborative project.
- you just want to have a chat!